My Inspiration

I consider my style a mix of farmhouse, rustic, traditional, modern, vintage... Well, pretty much a mix of everything. I love white. If my whole house were white, I'd be happy. But let's be honest, I have two kids, a dog, and a husband that comes home muddy sometimes.

I am constantly searching Pinterest for ideas that I can re-create in my own home. For me, it's not about exactly copying someone else's design (mostly because I can't afford to), but finding a way to create a similar look in my own home that works with our lifestyle and budget.

I know everyone says it, but seriously the best places to find treasures are thrift stores and antique malls. The trick is to not go in with high hopes. Sometimes you find a truckload of stuff you want to take home, and sometimes you don't find anything. Honestly, there are more times that I find nothing than anything good. At thrift stores, ask an employee what days they put out new items and try to get there early to get the best stuff. At an antique mall, if you find a booth you like, you can always leave a note for the owner if you are looking for something specific because they might be able to keep an eye out for it.

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